Man Utd choose older mascots to highlight loneliness – BBC News

The team were greeted by elderly fans instead of children before their game with Watford.
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It’s great to see such an incredible impact from such a simple step. Social Inclusion will be one of the greatest challenges that society faces as the post-war population bubble reaches maturity in retirement and social isolation takes root.

How can we build stronger communities ready to take on some of the support that will be needed with an isolated population?

Many of the people who will require assistance will have dual diagnoses to also include physical mobility challenges and dementia.

Raising awareness of isolation is a wonderful first step. We also need to provide information in accessible ways for people to easily understand and access social groups and community activities that may for part of their social prescription.

Projects that support or provide professional assessments and social prescribing out in the community (such as Connect Well East Kent) do a terrific job and trying to link together all the disparate services.

As long as the desire is there to engage with services – we should be doing all we can to drive participation as early intervention. Preventing social isolation is better than curing mental health problems.