Dr Alex to focus on Youth Mental Health

From Love Island to No. 10, it’s great to see the government refocus its attention on young people’s mental health with the appointment of Dr Alex George to an unpaid position of advising on mental health.

Following the death of his brother last year to suicide, Dr Alex says that he is more galvanised than ever to ensure that a positive difference can be made in supporting young people and young adults with the mental health challenges they may be facing.

We hope that this renewed attention from central government will also result in greater financial support for the local authorities, education, and NHS groups that are already in place to deliver Youth Mental Health support – and that the spotlight results in greater support on the frontline of this mental health epidemic and not just column inches.

Nest + Grow is currently developing multiple projects with school students around supporting them with their Mental Health Bounceback once they return to school premises and they have to adjust once again to a new learning environment with new rules whilst simultaneously having to process the trauma of the pandemic.

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