Bringing Restorative Justice to Education

An interesting approach incorporating restorative justice and a democratic approach are being taken by a new school which launched in Croydon, in September 2020.

We know that teachers all over the UK have been working tirelessly for years to deliver positive educational experiences for their pupils under ever-changing regulations, targets, and curriculum approaches – but what happens when a teacher has their own baby and decides to try a new approach for education based on what they would want for their own child?

The first step is acknowledging that children are controlled within a hierarchical system that ensures they don’t develop the agency they already lack in the majority of their lives; told where to be, what to wear, what to learn, how to learn, what to eat, when to eat. But is it working?

We have developed behaviour control systems – with each school, academy trust, and headteacher employing a variety of tactics that often change so quickly that there isn’t time to monitor impact.

So how about a radical change? Read more in the Guardian: