30 Ways to Wellbeing: A Month to Make a Difference

In conjunction with FEORH Magazine, Nest + Grow has developed a 30-day programme designed to help people improve their mental wellbeing through taking small actions such as increasing physical activity, or increasing participation in community activities.

Broken down into smaller tasks, the idea is that each day for a month, Nest + Grow will explore each idea in more detail to give further tips and advice about how these ways to wellbeing could be incorporated into your daily routine or how they could stretch your current abilities to develop new talents.

As always, we work to be inclusive of all abilities and mindful of those who face obstacles and so we will also be exploring how to adapt the 30 ways to wellbeing for those who seek alternative options for how to participate in the programme.

You can find more information on both the Nest + Grow social media channels and also via the FEORH website.

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