Mental Health

Mental health is as fundamental to our overall wellbeing as our physical health.

We work with a range of organisations to improve the relative mental health of the communities and individuals we support through projects that address either:

  • Relief: at the point of crisis, pain, or to improve the current situation enough to provide a window of opportunity to explore any underlying contribution factors
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery: where possible, and to a level appropriate for that person or group’s individual needs and capabilities. We work with projects that help reduce social isolation (including self-imposed) and support appropriate community reintegration.
  • Resilience Building: we work with projects that help prevent mental health problems from occurring, that lessen the severity or decrease the frequency of problems when they do occur.

Mental Wellbeing

There’s no health without mental health

World Health Organisation

There’s no wellbeing without being; and it’s this mantra that underpins a vast majority of our projects, working with people to ensure that their basic needs are met and that they have the awareness and opportunity for self-development and self-actualisation.

Vulnerable Adults

Our projects, by their very nature, are supporting people when they are in a place of vulnerability and when they need relief, guidance, and a helping hand to re-establish themselves to point of need less support or none.

We remain people-centric throughout our projects and the targeted outcomes never outweigh the importance of the delivered experience for the people we are supporting.

Suicide Reduction

We work with a number of projects looking at suicide prevention and reduction; supporting projects that work with suicide crisis response, suicidal ideation management, and crucially projects that address underlying challenges and triggers.

Every person is important.

Person-Centred Planning

We don’t believe in averages and generalisations. We believe that each person is the product of the people and experiences with which they have come into contact.

The work we do impacts on the people with whom we work. Our projects change lives and can have cross-generational impacts.

All of our projects are person-centred and focus on the individual needs and experiences of the people involved; staff, volunteers, participants, and their circles of support.

Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing underpins virtually all of our projects and refers to the act of a health professional prescribing active, creative, or social activities to help aid the person’s wellbeing.

Employment and Skills

We work to develop programmes to increase employment opportunities and to enhance skill levels in the community.

Through equipping people and communities with the knowledge and capability to create jobs and volunteering opportunities, and for those people to confidently work towards and achieve employment – our projects create opportunities for social mobility and fulfilment.