Third Sector Leaders

Third Sector Leaders is a networking group for leaders within charities, Community Interest Companies, Voluntary Organisations, Social Enterprises, and Non-profits.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, it became clear that a lot of VCSE organisations were facing new challenges, both on a professional and personal front.

Not only had the workload increased, but for many, their public fundraising nose-dived leaving them with an insecure future until they could secure Covid related grants to keep them going.

The Leaders within these non-profit organisations were often having to deal with the problems on their own and from their own house, without the support of others from their management team on hand because they had been furloughed or had reduced their hours to concentrate on their own families and home-schooling.

IVAR created online peer-support sessions for a wide range of charity managers to be placed into small cohorts and provide each other with support and a regular group video conference – this was hugely successful but for some leaders, it wasn’t enough and they said they would welcome further support between the group sessions.

Third Sector Leaders has been setup as a LinkedIn group as a place where leaders from across the VCSE sector can come together to ask for help, to learn from each other, and to share information about what works for them and their organisation.

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